An “Orphan Black” Related Show is in the Works

Tatiana Maslany in "Orphan Black"

Gather your Sestras because we might be going back to black.

Tatiana Maslany has us all seeing double, triple, and then some as she played multiple characters in the BBC America series, Orphan Black. The British-Canadian collaboration followed the lives of Sarah Manning and her clones who are being hunted down.

Maslany won an Emmy award for her role as the multiple clones and rumour has it that a new series set in the same universe could be coming our way…

Temple Street Productions, which produced the original series, is onboard to produce the new series which is in the very early stages of development at AMC. The prospective show will not be a revival of the original, but instead focus on a whole new story set in the same universe.

Oh, bebe.