The latest issue of the Paper Magazine has everyone drooling at the image of the one popular person on the cover. It’s Christina Aguilera, and this time around, she’s a whole new beauty. She’s now 37 and already working on a new album.

She’s Known To Have A Thing With Makeup

Anyone who knows Christina also knows just how much this star loves makeup. She’s all about red lips, contoured cheeks, and dark eyeliners. But what she started at the AMA event back in November has stretched out to this day. She’s making a complete about-turvn. Is that some freckled skin right there?

Plot Twist! She Just Re-invented Beauty

Christina is now all about the natural look – no makeup, no fancy wigs and stuff. She says she finds her new look somewhat freeing; liberating. Well, that must be true judging from the way she stares fondly at the camera. Leave it to her to bring out the momentous emotion.

It will be remembered that all through her singing career up to now, Christina has always been in the spotlight for her extreme love for glamour. That seems to have changed. By her own words, she’s the kind that has a thing for beat faces. That’s quite a stride for her – ask anyone.