Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott Addresses Turnover Issues: “I Have to be Better With the Ball”

Dak Prescott in 2017. Photo by Shane Roper/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott currently enjoys a productive start of the new NFL season, having racked up 1,188 passing yards, five passing touchdowns, and three rushing TDs in the first three weeks. Still, this isn’t translating to wins as the Cowboys are currently sitting at 1-2, and were one failed onside kick away from being 0-3.

So, how is this possible?

Well, for starters, the Cowboys’ defense hasn’t been carrying their part of the load, allowing 32 points on the average per contest. Secondly, Prescott hasn’t been taking care of the football, having turned the ball over four times in the first three weeks of the 2020 season.

Prescott himself acknowledged this in a recent chat with reporters, saying that he has to be „better with the ball“ moving forward.

“I have to be better with the ball,” said Prescott. “Receivers have to help me as well, whether it’s route discipline or … spacing or whatever it is.”

Still, Prescott doesn’t intend to slow down himself or his offense to clean up the turnover issues. Instead, he hopes the Cowboys will continue to play fast and up-tempo football.

“We want to play fast,” he added. “We want to play with tempo regardless if we’re up by a few (TDs) or the game’s tied or we’re down. It just gives us more opportunities on offense, more opportunities to create big plays, and score more points. I’d say the tempo is definitely purposeful.”

It’s good to see Dak Prescott wanting to play fast and put scores on the board, but it is hard to see the Cowboys making a meaningful run this season if they keep on getting into shootouts. However, if the Cowboys’ defense gets their act together, and Prescott stops taking risky shots, while they continue scoring at will, Dallas could emerge as an opponent no team wants to face in 2020.