Disney Unveils First Full Trailer & New Poster for “The Little Mermaid”

Halle Bailey in
Halle Bailey in "The Little Mermaid"

Disney has given us some pretty amazing live-action remakes in recent years, and The Little Mermaid is the next one in line. The first full trailer for this film was shown during the Oscars, and it was later released online along with the film’s new poster.

The Little Mermaid offers a brand-new take on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, which previously served as inspiration for the 1989 animated classic. Its live-action remake once again centers on a young mermaid Ariel, who spent her life dreaming of life above the water.

After saving a mysterious stranger from a shipwreck, and getting a glimpse of his world, Ariel decides to make her dream come true. She strikes a deal with a sea witch Ursula, trading her beautiful voice for human legs, but she quickly learns that life above the water is more than she bargained for.

This live actioned remake will be led by Halle Bailey as Ariel and Jonah Hauer-King as Eric, with Javier Bardem, Noma Dumezweni, Melissa McCarthy, Daveed Diggs, Awkwafina, and Jacob Tremblay in supporting roles.

Disney has been plotting this live-action remake ever since Rob Marshall agreed to direct it back in 2017. After years in development, The Little Mermaid will finally see the light of day on May 26, when it’s set to be released theatrically in the US.