First Wives Club Is Coming Back To Television

Image by Paramount Pictures / IMDB

Another Day, Another Reboot.

Paramount is the next in what seems to be a 2018 trend – reboots!

From cable channels to streaming services, everyone is getting their foot in the door on the opportunity to take a trip back in time and slap a modern twist on an old classic. What series is the next in line? First Wives Club. The 10 episode series, each episode lasting about a half hour, is the modern rendition of the original 1996 film.

The novel-based film First Wives Club told the story of three divorcees who seek revenge on their husbands who have left them for younger women. Among the heartache of loss, and the trials of going through life as divorced women in their later years, the iconic characters sure did resonate with many.

Who Is Behind The Series?

The comedy series is being created by Tracy Oliver, who you may recognize as a co-writer for the new and popular film Girls Trip. If the series is anywhere near as funny as this recent movie, it’s sure to be a hit.

The filming for First Wives Club is set to begin this summer and will premiere sometime in 2019. Until then, everyone is sure to be keeping an eye out for sneak peeks and hints as to who may comprise the iconic cast.