Jimmy Kimmel Gets New Prank Show at Discovery

Jimmy Kimmel at the Keep It Clean Comedy Benefit For Waterkeeper at the Avalon Hollywood on April 21, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA

Jimmy Kimmel is heading to the Discovery Channel. 

The late-night host and funny man is bringing us a new hidden camera prank show. Kimmel has teamed up with Mark Rober — a NASA engineer turned mega YouTuber — on the tentatively titled Revenge of the Nerd.

The new show, announced by the duo this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, aims to “right the world of wrongs” by scouring the planet to catch evil-doers in the act — and punish them using homemade technology and creative engineering. 

Viewers will follow Rober and his team of “Avengineers” who seek troublemakers and build devices to teach them lessons they won’t likely forget, which is something Rober is very well known for.

Rober’s most popular viral video is from 2018, when he got revenge on a porch thief by building a glitter bomb package.