Julia Louis-Dreyfus Teases The Last Season of “Veep”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in "Veep"

Sadly, Veep is coming to an end.

The political comedy set in the White House allowed us to fall in love with Julia Louis-Dreyfus all over again.

The Emmy Award-winning actress graced the HBO red carpet for the last time ahead of the final season premiere and revealed that some tissues would have come in handy.

“I suspect there will be more tears this evening. Oh, god. I hope not too many. I didn’t bring any Kleenex,” she quipped.

So, what can fans look forward to?

“Selina Meyer is going to try to make a run for the presidency, yet again. She’s been veep. She’s been the president. She wants to be the president again. But it’s extreme this season. We definitely push the edge of the envelope, and it’s going to get pretty raucous,” Julia said.

Meyer for 2019!