“Marcella” Has Been Renewed for a Third Season

Anna Friel in "Marcella"

We haven’t seen the last of Marcella.

The crime-thriller stars Anna Friel as a police detective who has her own demons and has earned the 42-year-old an International Emmy Award.

Netflix and ITV have now announced that a third season of the series has received the green light, with creator, Hans Rosenfeldt, having already begun penning the script.

The new season will delve deeper into the psychology of Marcella who ended the second season in a rather uncertain manner — and begging for a season 3.

Anna has previously revealed that playing the character left her battling anxiety and exhaustion.

“You have to let your mind and body go to where Marcella is otherwise it wouldn’t come across on screen,” she said. “It is exhausting though. When you’re acting, the body and mind don’t necessarily know that the brain is tricking it and the anxiety and exhaustion you feel at the end of the day is real.”

Season 3 is expected to have 8 episodes, though no release date has been announced as yet.