Margot Robbie About Producing: “Nice to be a Part of the Process”

Margot Robbie. Photo by Carl Timpone/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (9309840se)

Margot’s Robbie’s tip for being a better actor? Produce.

Margot Robbie recently starred in Vaughn Stein’s crime film Terminal. In addition to starring, she also got behind the set and worked as a producer. Speaking to NME, she said that she thinks that being on the production side of things has helped her become better as an actor.

“I think it made me better as an actor to be more immersed in the world, and to understand why every decision has been made,” she explained. “As sometimes you walk on set as an actor and you’re not privy to so much information so you’re kinda like ‘oh I never pictured it as this’”

“As a producer, you were there for every location scout and you were there when everything was chosen… every decision that was made you’ve done hours and hours and hours of conversation back and forth ‘should we do this, should we do that’ so you already know why everything and all the reasons that someone wanted it… so it’s nice to be a part of the process so you feel more immersed in it when you get to the acting.”

Since producing, Robbie has decided that she’d like to try producing music videos at some point. She expressed particular interest in producing a video for ‘OK Go’ and said: “I feel like they always do fun video clips that involve some sort of extreme sports or something or really bizarre, that’d be really fun!”