“Mulan” Looks as Though it Will be as Epic as We Hoped!

Liu Yifei in "Mulan" 2020.

Let’s get down to business.

The final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup didn’t just have displays of fierce women on the pitch — they were present during halftime too.

Disney chose the grand platform to release the first teaser trailer for its upcoming Mulan remake.

Back in November, famous Chinese actress Liu Yifei was selected to play the role of the titular character, marking her first leading role in a western film.

During the trailer, Yifei shows off her sword-fighting and archery skills as she embodies the character of the young woman who disguises herself as a man to take her father’s place in battle.

Tzi Ma plays Mulan’s father Hua Zhou, while Donnie Yen takes on the role of Commander Tung, Yoson An as Cheng Honghui, Gong Li as new character Xianniang, and Jet Li, as the Emperor.

Unlike other live-action versions of Disney animated classics, Mulan is not expected to be a scene-for-scene remake.

Niki Caro, who directed Whale Rider about another strong female character, will be helming the film which is due in theatres March 27th, 2020.