Scandal’s Fierce Fashion That Ran The White House

Image by Shondaland / IMDB

After 7 Heart-Pounding Seasons, Scandal Has Come To An End…

But make no mistake, the fashion that influenced every episode will be seen as a replica-worthy costume for political series to come.

It’s a large task to create a politic-friendly wardrobe that is quiet enough not to outshine the characters who wear them, but loud enough to scream sex appeal in the halls around the oval office. The designer who does it so well is Lyn Paolo, Shonda Rhymes’ go-to costume designer for all of her infamous series such as Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder. Paolo is the one to thank for creating the iconic wardrobe of Olivia Pope herself (Kerry Washington) – one of the luxury designers such as Gucci and Burberry, but also of conservative taste and class.

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A Woman Of Many Styles

Paolo, herself, is not only the righthand gal for creator Shonda Rhymes, but has also racked up a resume with shows such as Shameless, of which she has commented on saying it’s harder to make something look “like real life” as opposed to the opulent jewels and dazzling attire worn in such a show as Scandal. While Lyn Paolo no longer has the glitz and glam cast of Scandal to dress, you can be sure she is no less busy leaving her mark on the world of costume design in many other ways.