Famous people definitely have some chops when it comes to the films their making. From script changes to outlandish backstage requests, some can do whatever they want. Some can even stop films being made altogether. Here are three of the most famous.

Will Ferrell And Elf 2

Image by New Line Cinema / IMDB

Elf was a surprise hit, and it’s one Christmas film most of us will watch year after year. It was no wonder the studio wanted to make a sequel and cash in on that popularity. Will Ferrell said no, even when offered almost $30 million. He didn’t want to do a bad sequel for the money, but now we’ll never know just how bad that sequel would’ve been.

John Travolta And The Double

After Pulp Fiction, John Travolta was the big thing in movies again. So when he was cast in the film The Double, a Roman Polanski movie. Except his child needed surgery and him up and left France where the movie was being filmed so he could get the best care. And then never spoke to the director again. The lawsuit was finally settled out of court and the film was never made.

Robin Williams And Mrs. Doubtfire 2

Image by Twentieth Century Fox / IMDB

At the height of his career, Robin Williams stole our hearts in films like Mrs. Doubtfire. Sequels weren’t quite the norm in the nineties that they are now but we all would’ve flocked to a Mrs. Doubtfire 2. However, Williams had problems with the script and didn’t agree to make the sequel until 2014, the year he sadly passed away.