Ariana Greenblatt, Justice Smith, & Dominic Sessa Join “Now You See Me 3”

Ariana Greenblatt at the 30th Screen Actors Guild Awards in February 2024
Ariana Greenblatt at the 30th Screen Actors Guild Awards in February 2024. Photo by John Salangsang/Shutterstock (14360568kv)

After years in development, Now You See Me 3 is finally taking shape, and three amazing young actors just joined its A-list cast. Ariana Greenblatt, Justice Smith, and Dominic Sessa will be a part of the star-studded ensemble of the third installment in this hit franchise.

Over the course of the first two films, the Now You See Me franchise followed the adventures of the Four Horsemen, the group of illusionists whose stage productions serve as a front for elaborate heists. The third film is expected to introduce us to a new generation of illusionists, but exact plot details are being kept under wraps.

Barbie star Ariana Greenblatt is the first new cast member to join this project, as a part of its young ensemble. She’ll be joined by The Holdovers breakout star Dominic Sessa and Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ Justice Smith.

Several members of the star-studded Now You See Me cast are also expected to return for this sequel, including Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo, and Morgan Freeman. Ruben Fleischer will be sitting in the director’s chair, while Eric Warren Singer, Seth Graham Smith, and Mike Lesslie wrote the latest version of the script.