Here’s the Final Trailer For Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker”

Joaquin Phoenix in "Joker"

The final trailer for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker has landed and it gives us the infamous clown as we’ve never seen him before.

While The Dark Knight and Suicide Squad depict the Joker as an eccentric mastermind villain, Joaquin Phoenix’s rendition of the Joker is far lonelier and more melancholy. We finally get to see the villain’s origin story, which is a story not of a freak factory accident – but one of the outcast.

The trailer suggests that in this version of the origin story, we will get to see the intricate details of Arthur Fleck’s character as he unravels. Joker thus seems to be a story less about superheroes and villains and more about mental instability and societal neglect.

It is also apparent from the trailer why Joker has been given an R rating. In one scene, we watch Phoenix stamp on a body in an alley away and the general tone of the trailer is dark and serious.

You can watch the final trailer here:

Joker will be released in movie theaters October 4.