“House of Cards” has a Message from the New President

Robin Wright in "House of Cards"

This July 4, President Underwood, the new president, wants everyone to give thanks… to her.

In the recent promo for the final season of “House of Cards,” Robin Wright makes a comeback as Claire Underwood, the newly appointed Commander-in-Chief. In a video which came out on the fourth of July, she says, “Happy Independence Day… to me!” After this came “#MyTurn” which noted that it’s finally her turn to seize the White House after five whole seasons of Frank Underwood competing for the position.

The Netflix drama’s sixth and final season started production earlier in the year and it’s expected to premiere sometime this year. In the last episode of season 5, Frank Underwood stepped down as the President of the USA and Clair Underwood stepped up in his place.

Kevin Spacey was also supposed to come back for the show’s last season. But he got fired following allegations of sexual assault.

In the sixth season, the focus will be more on Claire Underwood. Other actors joining Wright for the final season are Greg Kinnear, Michael Kelly, Patricia Clarkson, Derek Cecil, Cody Fern, Diane Lane, Jayne Atkinson, Constance Zimmer, Campbell Scott, and Boris McGiver. Now, fans are eagerly anticipating the launch of the new and final season of the show.