Change is good in a lot of ways, and more often than not, change is even necessary. In Idina Menzel’s case, her change in hair color may not have been exactly necessary, but it was certainly good! The famed actress and singer took to social media to sport her new blonde flow, and we have to say, she totally looks like a real-life Elsa!

Saying “Let It Go” To The Brunette

Menzel is very much known for her roles in WickedRent, and of course Disney’s Frozen. Oddly enough, her dynamite hair experiment occurred not too long after an announcement that a sequel to the film would be coming in 2019. She was also recently married to actor and singer Aaron Lorh in 2017.

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It's never too early to #DreamBigPrincess

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Some Things Are Worth Changing For

Menzel has not explicitly stated that there was a connection between her sudden hair transition and the character she voices, but if that were the case, it would definitely show an immense degree of dedication to her role. Taking into account the enormous following this soon-to-be franchise has garnered over the years, both inside the Disney community and around the world, there’s no telling what kind of bombs she may drop next.