Like Us, John Krasinski Wants a Reunion of “The Office”

John Krasinski. Photo by James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock (9541981v)

Jim Halpert is ready to report back to his desk.

With so many shows being rebooted and revived, it’s no surprise that fans of the US version of The Office are hoping that they will be next in line.

And someone who’s also hoping so is John Krasinski.

The 38-year-old starred as Jim Halpert for all 9 seasons of the NBC sitcom based on the British series by Ricky Gervais.

Speaking to Variety, John shared some of his concerns over just how dear Jim’s life turned out…

“Where is Jim? What is he doing?! I actually don’t know, and I’m actually looking forward to [doing a reunion],” he says. “People have asked if I would do sort of a reunion type thing, and yes, for exactly that reason. I need the incredible writers of our show to tell me what he’s doing because I’m kind of worried about him.”

In The Office finale, Jim and his wife Pam, played by Jenna Fischer, moved to Austin, Texas, so Jim could focus on the sports company he founded with his college friends.

“He had a whole lot of hopes and dreams, he had a lot of zany ideas, and then he went to Austin to live his life and I feel like the dreams are still in his head so let’s see what he’s doing now.”

Yes, let’s!