Pistons Reportedly Won’t Have “Strong Trade Market” for Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin during his time with the Clippers. Photo by Austin Mcafee/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

Detroit Pistons are engaged in a complete rebuild, which means that there is little to no space on their team for expensive veteran players. This already led to the trade of All-Star Andre Drummond, and reportedly, Blake Griffin could be next in line.

Speaking on his popular podcast, ESPN’s Zach Lowe recently discussed Griffin’s situation and said that Pistons are ready to move on from the player. But this could be easier said than done.

According to Lowe, the six-time All-Star forward is an interesting option for several teams, but the Pistons are not expected to have a strong market for him. This is most probably due to Griffin’s injury history and the $75.6 million he is owed in the next two years.

Lowe adds that he expects Griffin to fetch a first-round pick at max, but such trade would probably see Detroit also taking some money back.

Since joining the Pistons from LA Clippers in January 2018, Blake Griffin failed to perform at the level he was excepted. Griffin struggled with injuries, playing only 118 games in three years while averaging 22.2 points and 6.9 rebounds during that period.

Griffin will now have to show that he left the health issues behind him if he expects any team to take a bet on him. So far, there are no obvious landing spots for him, but teams that believe are one player from contention might roll the dice on the 31-year-old.