“Squid Game” Creator Discussing Season 2 & 3 With Netflix

Screenshot from
Screenshot from "Squid Game"

If we had to pick the most popular new TV show of 2021, Squid Game would take the cake, and its future is looking bright. The series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk recently revealed he’s discussing Season 2 and 3 with Netflix.

The Korea Times recently discussed the show’s future with Dong-hyuk and he stated, “I’m in talks with Netflix over season two as well as season three. We will come to a conclusion any time soon.”

Squid Game was originally envisioned as a one-season show, and Dong-hyuk didn’t have a sequel in mind when he first made it. His plans change after the series became a global sensation, becoming Netflix’s most-watched series of all time, with 142 million households reached.

Dong-hyuk changed his tune after the show found immense popularity and left people asking for more. Netflix is yet to confirm its renewal, but it’s likely that Lee Jung-jae would reprise his role of Gi-hun if the show returns for another season.

Squid Game premiered on September 17th, 2021, and became the top-viewed program in 94 countries following its release. It centers around a group of people in deep financial debt who agree to take part in a series of games with deadly consequences for a chance to win an enormous fortune.