“Super Pets” is on the List of Upcoming DC Projects

Image via DC/Youtube

A new DC movie is on its way and it’s about Batman and Superman’s pets.

According to Collider, Jared Stern, who wrote The LEGO Batman Movie and The Lego Ninjago Movie is set to write and direct Super Pets for Warner Bros. The movie will be about the DC characters’… pets.

The Super Pets team first appeared in Adventure Comics #293. The team included Krypto the Super-Dog, Streaky the Super-Cat, Beppo the Super-Monkey and Comet the Super-Horse from the Superman and Superboy comics. Additionally, the comics featured Damian Wayne’s dog Titus, Aquaman’s seahorse Storm as well as Flexi the Plastic Bird, Bat-Cow and Clay Critter and Harley Quinn’s hyenas Bud and Lou.

We’re expecting at least some of if not most of these characters to appear in the movie. It is unclear, however, whether Stern will rely on DC’s Legion of Super-Pets or the Cartoon Network series when working on the script, or whether he will create his own new characters.

Warner Bros. is currently screening another animated superhero movie in theatres – Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. It has grossed over $12 million in the US box office so far.