Ed Sheeran Kicking Off a New Era With Upcoming Album “Autumn Variations”

Ed Sheeran performs during Mathematics Tour in July 2023
Ed Sheeran performs during Mathematics Tour in July 2023. Photo by Shutterstock (14028759f)

Ed Sheeran concluded his mathematical era earlier this year, and it didn’t take him long to embrace change and move on to his next project. The British superstar announced the release of his next album Autumn Variations, set to hit the shelves this September.

The title of Sheeran’s new album draws inspiration from Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations, which he dedicated to his friends. Sheeran opted for this title because his inspiration from Autumn Variations comes from the same place, and he used it to pay homage to his closest buddies.

In an official statement announcing this album, Sheeran explained that it was inspired by the many life changes, both the high and the lows, that he and his friends went through last autumn.

“Writing songs helped me understand my feelings and come to terms with what was going on, and when I learned about my friend’s different situations, I wrote songs, some from their perspectives, some from mine, to capture how they and I viewed the world at that time,” he explained on Instagram.

Autumn Variations will be released by Gingerbread Man Records on September 29, and it will feature a total of 14 tracks, including “That’s on Me”, “Head > Heels”, “Magical”, and “American Town”.