With Infinity Wars out at the end of April, it’s the culmination of six years worth of teases and hints. Thanos is finally revealed and we see get some answers and probably more questions but what’s next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Now that Disney owns Fox, hopefully, we’ll be seeing the X-Men introduced. MCU films are always brilliant, so introducing some of Marvel’s most loved characters not only make sense from a fans point of view but from a business point of view. Let’s see those mutants.

Secret Invasion

After Civil War and Infinity War, the next likely complete MCU event could be Secret Invasion. In this, a race of aliens called the Skrull infiltrating the superheroes of Earth with their shape-shifting abilities. Not knowing who is a Skrull, who is real and who they can trust will make an excellent film.

More Diversity

Black Panther was a huge success, showing characters of color definitely can hold their own in the superhero world. With the variety of characters in the Marvel comics, it’s only time before we see more diversity in the films too, including films lead by women, more persons of color and perhaps even LGBT characters.